The delightfully whimsical creations of Entangled Puppetry engage community in exciting new and traditional ways. In an art form where the boundaries are as limitless as our imaginations, there are no right or wrong answers, only wildly creative alternatives. Come play!


Old Art, New Community

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to ..."

She'd already lost me, I was thinking.  I would sit patiently, though.  What else is a friend to do?  But really, puppet shows, street performers, what is all this?  Some sort of Victorian hipster trend?

"...I proudly present to you..."

I really didn't drink enough wine for this...

"Leela's List."

Focus, Mark, focus.

But I didn't have to because, just then, the moon rose.  High above the rooftop, looking down to a small girl.  She was staring right back up.  Leela was awake, and it was Christmas morning...

And, in an instant, I was swept into the magical world of Leela's List: a charming narrative of a young girl learning to appreciate what was all around her.  And that's the gift I received too.

Because when a puppeteer picks up a cup you see not a handle, but a nose.  Not the arms of a jacket, but the slithering arms of an octopus.  And that lampshade could be nothing but a shy jellyfish.  The puppeteer disappears, only to work closely with your imagination to see what they see: a world full of characters.  A world animated by our own creative minds.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to... Entangled Puppetry.