The delightfully whimsical creations of Entangled Puppetry engage community in exciting new and traditional ways. In an art form where the boundaries are as limitless as our imaginations, there are no right or wrong answers, only wildly creative alternatives. Come play!


La Cenerentola: Le due Sorelle

Baron Don Magnifico's daughters were as vain as they were beautiful.  They burst into the grand hall and began to trouble Cenerentola...

This house is a sty, and we're bored.

Bored, yes, bored!  The horror.
Why don't you entertain us?

Yes, do, tell us a story!

Well, I only know one story -
My mother used to tell it to me.

Clorinda & Tisbe:
Humph!  Well it must be rubbish,
But if we must...

As one, the girls turned their backs on Cenerentola so they could practice flitting their eyelashes and fluttering their fans.  Their disregard brought them more pleasure than any story of hers ever would.

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