The delightfully whimsical creations of Entangled Puppetry engage community in exciting new and traditional ways. In an art form where the boundaries are as limitless as our imaginations, there are no right or wrong answers, only wildly creative alternatives. Come play!


Build Your Own Puppet at the Salt Spring Library

On March 19 and 21 we welcomed an enthusiastic group of kids and parents to the Salt Spring Library for a free hour and a half workshop on building puppets.
The Salt Spring Library Program Room
 The workshop began with Tyler reading "Who's in Rabbits House?", a visually stunning picture book about a group of Masi tribes people putting on a play. It was to serve as the inspiration for the puppets we would create. 
Storytime with Tyler
 We had settled on a deceptively simple design that used an envelope as the head of the puppet. Beyond that, the kids (and parents) could let their imaginations run wild!
Everyone hard at work

Just because you're old enough to vote doesn't mean you can't make an awesome puppet
Everyone got about an hour to create their puppet masterpiece. Then we sat down and introduced all the weird and wacky and beautiful creatures that we had made.

Nit and Wit, a puppet comedy duo.

The caterpillar. It has a third rod so it can be a cooperative puppet!

A tribute puppet: she made a puppet version of her Mom.

A beautiful duck puppet.
There were lots of smiles and laughs and incredible displays of creativity from everyone. A special thank you to Stephy, our volunteer, and of course, the Salt Spring Library for providing the space and materials.

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